Facets - Designing My Life 

Facets is a set of 12 modules that represent 12 values I’m cultivating in my personal life and professional design life.  I developed this set as my project for a class called designing your life, which grounded in, design thinking concepts and techniques. The course’s aim is to give design students the perspective they need to navigate decisions about their life, which will then radiate through their future work.

As designers, we’re constantly being intentional about all the things we do and don’t in projects. This course was about applying that mentality to most important project: our life project. It helped me to develop a point of view about what kind of designer I’d want to be. I found myself filled with a sense of purpose and determined to solve the world's wicked problems—but ill-equipped, in our secular society, to make sense of what I truly value. 

With special thanks to Ayse Birsel & Allan Chochinov.



The course was divided to two sections; the first part was “deconstruction” where I drew metaphoric images of different aspects of my life. Considering the broad spectrum of my experiences, I realized that the best way to visually describe my life is through facets. I see these facets as my experiences that keep adding to me in my journey to become a more well-rounded person.


The second part of the course was “reconstruction”. I developed my personal life manifesto and created 3D models of my top 12 values. They are: Love, Curiosity, Generosity, Mindfulness, Virtue, Happiness, Trust, Hope, Pleasure, Empathy, Diligence, and Gratitude.  

Then I presented them in SVA Visible Future Lab’s gallery for people to interact with my life and work underlining values. Then I created a platform for the digital interaction experience of my modules. My goal was to let people compare and evaluate the two and think critically about their physical vs. virtual experiences.