Ongoing project...


‘Smoking is bad for you’ is an old message. When faced with posters about smoking and lung cancer, teens tend to ignore them. I decided to make an interactive poster that speaks specifically to the teen smokers and is “cool” enough to grab their attention. It will be static poster and will be installed in outdoor spaces around schools where there is more chances of teenagers smoking. The built-in smoke detector sensor will trigger the poster if someone’s smoking nearby. The static poster then turns into an interactive experience that the target audience can engage with and be warned about the health risks associated with smoking. 

When I was doing my research on this topic, I found a recurring attitude within the teens that I interviewed. They all seemed to think the harm wasn't towards them and it was for older people or “others”. I am planning to have personalization phases within the poster before talking about the negative effects of smoking, so that the person is ready to associate the dangers to himself and connect to the poster. 



This is a demo for my fully functional prototype using Arduino and sensors. I am currently developing visual design concepts for the different steps of the user's journey.