They say it starts with an idea. Initial concepts for the Wooly packaging started with a desire. A busy millennial mum’s desire to give a sentimental piece to her baby to keep forever. Wooly provides all the tools and materials needed for a memorable handmade gift with a personal touch. The simple instructions make it easy and fast for beginners to learn multiple knots.

The sheep’s’ bold black face with popped eyes personify the funny, energetic and trendy image of the brand. These features will be used as “brand signifiers” off pack and are easily recognizable. The soft colors, minimal type treatment, and extra white space represent clean and delicate design, which is suitable for babies.Wooly’s brand personality of playfulness with a sense of fun, translates to honesty and humor on the tag. The tag keeps personal information about the sentimental piece such as making date and can go to the baby’s photo album. The kit doesn’t need any secondary container and all the pieces are reusable. It is also compatible with the current transportation and storage system. 


Fun Fact: the needles are actually made of old paint brushes. I used my pencil sharpener to sharpen the both ends before painting them. It was a great example to prove my mum that there's a point in me "keeping garbage".

No waste.

No waste.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 11.32.48 AM.png

Fun Fact' : the idea came to my mind when I was passing by a yarn store and I saw how the yarn balls were stacked on the shelves. Suddenly, I started to see the sheeps' faces looking at me behind the window display.

photographing Wooly was fun. I love to play with the lighting in the photo studios. 

photographing Wooly was fun. I love to play with the lighting in the photo studios.