Play Early - Design Research 

The poverty cycle and its consequent injustice is a big issue. There are many non-profits trying to intervene, focusing on pre-natal and school level. But almost no attention is paid to preschool stage, which begs the question: How can we start building the walls when there's not a strong foundation in the ground? This project intends to fill the gap between the two programs, the neglected gap that is suggested by child experts to be the most influential stage in the child development process. 

With special thanks to Adam Antoszek-Rallo & David Cabianca. 




My proposed design concept for this research project is a non-profit organization that provides poor children with educational toys at a preschool level. The cause is introduced through a website and a series of videos that educates the target audience the positive impact of educational toys and encourages them to participate in this niche cause. I decided to primarily target Canadian donors between the ages of 14-24 as they haven’t established a fixed donation pattern yet. Moreover, these people have more extensive and diversified social networks, which will contribute to get the cause noticed. 

Adam Fujita and I developed the first educational toy set— Block Party — for Play Early. 

Adam Fujita and I developed the first educational toy set—Block Party— for Play Early.